Road transport

The majority of services we provide are related to road transport. We offer full and part truck load transport by 1.5T, 3.5T, 5/6T and 24T vehicles.

Depending on customer’s needs, we can transport goods by the following types of vehicles:

  • tarpaulin truck
  • closed box truck
  • refrigerated truck
  • tandem truck
  • coilmulde truck
  • tipper

We arrange transportation of dangerous goods (ADR) and have vehicles with a lift at our disposal. We transport waste by tarpaulin trucks and tippers both domestically and abroad. We have a vehicle fleet in the vicinity of all major European cities. We are capable to transport 1-3 pallets as an express delivery to or from France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK and Italy at very competitive rates on a daily basis.

We offer:

  • advice on the choice of means of transport
  • assistance in the preparation of transport documents
  • constant monitoring of the cargo we are entrusted with
  • transport by proven licensed carriers with many years of experience in the transportation industry, which guarantees reliable and punctual delivery
  • cargo insurance on request

Our services are good value for money!

Interested in road transport?